clínica dental dr. karl h. böhm

Our Dr. Böhm Dental Clinic


At Dr Karl H. Böhm Dental Clinic we have been treating our patients for more than 20 years, offering solutions to their ailments or needs in the simplest, most functional, beautiful and durable possible way.



We seek excellence in all the treatments we accomplish.

We invest in the most cutting edge of technology which we join to our daily practice in order to offer the best solution to each situation and to carry it out with the best means, just like excellence has defined us from the first day.

Only strictly necessary treatments are carried out and we try not to use any metals. In the same way, we only x-ray when strongly required and we use the minimum radiation as well as the minimum amount of anaesthetics and medicines.

clínica dental dr. k. h. böhm

comte d'urgell, 280, 1º 2ª

barcelona 08036

clínica dental dr. k. h. böhm

tel. 93 322 65 34

tel. +34 93 322 65 34

fax +34 93 419 93 35